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Decid/Evergreen Deciduous Evergreen Semi Deciduous
Growth Rate Fast Medium Slow
Soil * Light Medium Heavy
Heavy Clay * No Yes
Poor Soil * No Yes
Nitrogen Fixer No Yes
PH * Acid Neutral Base
Acid * No Yes
Alkaline * No Yes
Saline * No Yes
Shade * Full Semi None
Moisture * Dry Moist Wet or Boggy Water
Well Drained * Yes No
Tolerates Drought * Yes No
Wind * Light Medium
Tolerates Pollution * Yes No

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Latin nameCommon name
Albizia tanganyicensis Paperbark Albizia
Albizia malacophylla
Albizia pedicellata
Albizia odorata
Albizia corniculata
Albizia greveana
Albizia aurisparsa
Albizia polyphylla
Albizia myriophylla
Albizia cubana
Albizia arenicola
Albizia tulearensis
Albizia leucocalyx
Albizia suluensis
Albizia thompsonii
Albizia duckeana
Albizia welwitschii
Albizia saponaria
Albizia carbonaria
Albizia splendens
Albizia retusa
Albizia anthelmintica Worm-Cure Albizia
Albizia acle
Albizia aylmeri
Albizia bernieri
Albizia carrii
Albizia lucidior
Albizia polycephala
Albizia boivinii
Albizia harveyi
Albizia adinocephala
Albizia amara Bitter Albizia
Albizia schimperiana
Albizia glaberrima
Albizia chevalieri
Albizia grandibracteata
Albizia lebbekoides
Albizia inundata
Albizia niopoides
Julbernardia unijugata
Albizia pedicellaris
Albizia coriaria
Albizia chinensis
Albizia altissima
Walleria nutans
Albizia guachapele
Albizia gummifera
Albizia zygia
Albizia adianthifolia
Chisocheton cumingianus
Albizia antunesiana
Albizia julibrissin Mimosa
Albizia versicolor
Archidendron vaillantii Salmon Bean
Archidendron clypearia
Balanophora elongata
Albizia odoratissima Black Siris
Searsia tenuinervis
Pandanus kajui
Albizia ferruginea
Archidendron globosum
Rhynchosia resinosa
Albizia lebbeck Siris Tree
Pterolobium stellatum
Archidendron ellipticum
Albizia procera White Siris
Lannea barteri
Archidendron jiringa Jengkol
Santalum album Sandalwood

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