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Decid/Evergreen Deciduous Evergreen Semi Deciduous
Growth Rate Fast Medium Slow
Soil * Light Medium Heavy
Heavy Clay * No Yes
Poor Soil * No Yes
Nitrogen Fixer No Yes
PH * Acid Neutral Base
Acid * No Yes
Alkaline * No Yes
Saline * No Yes
Shade * Full Semi None
Moisture * Dry Moist Wet or Boggy Water
Well Drained * Yes No
Tolerates Drought * Yes No
Wind * Light Medium
Tolerates Pollution * Yes No

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Latin nameCommon name
Parkia biglandulosa
Parkia singularis
Parkia timoriana
Parkia sumatrana
Parkia filicoidea West African Locust Bean
Didelotia africana
Parkia bicolor African Locust Bean
Solanum anomalum
Parkia ulei
Parkia discolor
Parkia platycephala
Parkia nitida
Parkia multijuga
Parkia pendula
Paraserianthes lophantha
Crateva adansonii
Parkia speciosa Nitta Tree
Cassia sieberiana West African Laburnum
Bridelia ferruginea
Gnetum gnemon Melinjo
Alchornea cordifolia Christmas Bush
Piptadeniastrum africanum African Greenheart
Erythrina fusca Coral Bean

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