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Useful Tropical Plants

Calamus oresbius Images

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Calamus oresbius
A. Leaf sheath with staminate inflorescence. B. Whole leaf. C. Leaflet detail showing transverse veinlets. D. Portion of pistillate inflorescence. E. Staminate rachilla. F. Portion of pistillate rachilla. G, H. Pistillate flower whole and in longitudinal section. I. Fruit. J, K. Seed in two views. L. Seed in longitudinal section. Scale bar: A, D = 3 cm; B = 6 cm; C = 1 cm; E, F = 5 mm; G, H = 3 mm, I = 1 cm; J–L = 7 mm. A–C, E from Baker et al. 627; D, F–H from Baker et al. 609; I–L from Baker et al. 624. Drawn by Lucy T. Smith.
Photograph by: rmounce
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